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Website Packages

Most artists and small businesses can benefit from a functional website. With your own website, you can sell & promote your art and products in many different ways.

  • Live Events – list events & sell tickets
  • Music & Photography – sell Downloads – MP3 JPG
  • Design – connect to POD to sell printed t-shirts, calendars, mugs etc.
  • Mailing list – subscribe for news and offers

So Flexible

Your website can be customised to suit your brand and enhance a particular function. A well setup WordPress site is suitable for Bands who want to sell their music online without commission fees. Photographers who are ready to ship their framed canvas artwork around the world (or wherever you choose). Maybe you just want a website to keep people updated with news roll and social media connection. Or a place where customers can book appointments online.

Functional Setup

We setup your business or artist website for function. We make your website ready to go. We give you a functional business website or online shop with several essential pages. For a little extra we will setup your website with woo commerce. Your online shop will function like this website. We configure it to suit your products and business needs.

WordPress Setup

This website package will give you a WordPress website with a functional setup.

Based on Your needs

Essential Pages

Setup Support

  • Product on sale

Good Technical Skills Required

WebStore Setup

This website package will give you a woo-commerce website ready for products..

Configured for your products

Essential Pages

Setup Support

  • Product on sale

Good Technical Skills Required

We can setup your website within a couple of days after collecting your information. This is a personal service to really understand what your website needs, to discuss your options for adding more functionality, to build your website according to your dreams & ambitions. You will have access to update and maintain your website as well as using editing software to publish content & products. Email support regarding the set-up continues for 2 weeks. Hosting support is ongoing for the year.

Here is an example of a music website setup to sell music as downloadable MP3

Website Setup

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Potential for growth
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Form
  • Cookie Banner

Webstores Setup

  • Woo-commerce setup
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Storefront Theme
  • Supportive Plugins
  • Essential pages

Managed Website

Our managed website packages includes the functional set-up mentioned above. We will maintain your website by updating themes, plugins and database. Your website will be scanned and monitored. We will make regular backups so we can keep you online. You will have access to an online editing software for publishing content on your website.

Managed Website

The Managed website package will give you a functional website with managed hosting & WordPress maintenance.

Functional Setup

Updates & Back-ups

Scanning & Monitoring

Technical Support

  • Product on sale

Some Technical skills required

Here is a Demo WebStore selling t-shirts via POD.

Bare Bones

This is our most basic website setup. Your website will have a security certificate (SSL). It will be a blank website for you to set-up and develop. You will need good technical skills to make your website functional for your needs. For the skilled beginner, setting up a WordPress site can take a few weeks.


A blank, basic WordPress website that is fully customizable. You will have access to WordPress admin and site tools for files, database, security & email accounts.. Woo-commerce option.

Fast WordPress Hosting

Multi-level security

Ready to start Publishing

Hosting Support

  • Product on sale

Advanced Technical Skills Required

Compare packages

All packages include one year Siteground hosting with SSL certificate, cache and security plugin.

Plugin UpdatesBackups
Bare BonesNONONOOptionOptionSemi AutoAuto
WordPress SetupYESYESYESOptionOptionSemi AutoAuto
Woo SetupYESYESYESSetupOptionSemi AutoAuto
See below for more details.

Demo website selling Tours of London.

How does it work?

Bare Bones Package

Once we receive payment for your order, we will begin creating your website. This normally takes 8- 24 hours. We will send you login for your hosting account where you can access your website and email accounts. Here you will also have access to hosting support.

Setup Packages

We will set up your website on a temporary host. We will then collect all your information. When we have this, we will set-up your website according to your needs. You will have the chance to preview the site to request any changes before it goes live. We will then connect your live website to google & your Social Media accounts (if you have them).

When your new website is live, we provide 2 weeks email support for any set-up questions. You will also have access to Siteground hosting support.

Managed Packages

Managed websites include all the above. We will be monitoring your website constantly so there is a minimum of downtime. We will be updating your theme and plugins and making regular back-ups. Your website will be scanned for malware on a weekly basis. You will have all the support mentioned above as well as ongoing email support.


A server is required for your website to be online. Hosting means renting server space. We work with SiteGround who are a top company for hosting wordpress with excellent speed and security. Our website packages include a year hosing on a SiteGround server.

Hosting Support

You will have full access to Siteground support for any server options. The basic level of support includes a vast knowledge base to fix most issues & errors.

Siteground Features:

  • Connect to CDN for speed and security
  • Multi-level security build in
  • In-built WordPress cache
  • Basic SLL certificate
  • 30 day refund policy

Domain Name

You will need a registered a domain name for your new website. You can do this with a domain name registrar. Or let us handle everything.


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By Anthony Charles

Anthony Charles has over 15 years experience building websites. He ran an online company for 10 years with online sales over two million GBP. Has knowledge of Wordpress, & Drupal CMS as well as html & css coding. Not to mention woo-commerce, online marketing and sales. Anthony is a renowned photographer and is skilled in photoshop.